Powershell command to Create New Send connector for SmartHost – Exchange 2010

Today I was tasked to create a new send connector for Exchange 2010. Its always good to have your information ready and written down :-

  • Name of send connector to be created
  • SMTP address space – e.g *.mail.contoso.com
  • Smart hosts IP address
  • Source servers that will route your emails.

Once ready, you can run below Exchange powershell command, replace it with your own information:-

new-SendConnector -Name ‘MYSENDCONNECTORNAME’ -Usage ‘Custom’ -AddressSpaces ‘SMTP:*.mail.contoso.com;1’ -IsScopedConnector $true -DNSRoutingEnabled $false -SmartHosts ‘[]’,'[]’ -SmartHostAuthMechanism ‘None’ -UseExternalDNSServersEnabled $false -SourceTransportServers ‘LAB-HCP01′,’LAB-HCP02′,’LAB2-HCP01′,’LAB2-HCP02’

You can refer to MS article below for a full detail information about each important attribute to be configured on your send connector such as:-

Usage type:- For Send connectors, the usage type is basically a descriptive label that identifies what the Send connector is used for. All usage type values receive the same permissions.

Network settings:–  Configure how the Send connector routes mail: by using DNS or by automatically forward all mail to a smart host.

Address spaces :- Configure the destination domains that the Send connector is responsible for.

Scope :- Configures the visibility of the Send connector to other Exchange servers in the organization.

Source servers:– Configure the Exchange servers where the Send connector is hosted. Mail that needs to be delivered by using the Send connector is routed to one of the source servers.


NOTE:-  You can specify SMTP address spaces or non-SMTP address spaces on Send connectors that are configured on Hub Transport servers. You can only specify SMTP address spaces on Send connectors that are configured on Edge Transport servers.

2 thoughts on “Powershell command to Create New Send connector for SmartHost – Exchange 2010

  1. Hi Jay, thanks for this article. I am a bit new to Exchange so please forgive me if I am being ignorant to some things.
    I am on exchange 2016. I am trying to create a new send connector via powershell, and I hoped you will help with some pointers. My command and the error are:
    [PS] C:\>New-SendConnector -Name `MYSENDCONNECTORNAME’ -Usage `Internet` -AddressSpaces `SMTP:*;1′ -IsScopedConnector $false -DNSRoutingEnabled $false -SmartHosts `MY.SMART.HOST.IP’ -SmartHostAuthenticationm `None’ -UseExternalDNSServersEnabled $false -SourceTransportServers `MYEXCH_SERVER’
    Cannot process argument transformation on parameter ‘Usage’. Cannot convert value “Internet -AddressSpaces” to type
    “Microsoft.Exchange.Management.SystemConfigurationTasks.NewSendConnector+UsageType”. Error: “Unable to match the
    identifier name Internet -AddressSpaces to a valid enumerator name. Specify one of the following enumerator names and
    try again: Custom, Internal, Internet, Partner”
    + CategoryInfo : InvalidData: (:) [New-SendConnector], ParameterBindin…mationException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : ParameterArgumentTransformationError,New-SendConnector
    + PSComputerName : my.server.name

    I hope this is making sense


    1. Hello Mola, please check your script properly, when using quotation marks make sure it is open and closed properly. I can see missing quotation marks @ -Name “name” -Usage “Internet” – These small things when missed, can make PS to cry out :). I advice you to use Powershell ISE when writing your scripts to help you spot errors.


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