Modify SmartHost IP in Exchange Send-connector – Exchange 2010

Today I received an email to modify the smarthost IP address of a send connector.

To do this you can get the existing information of the smarthost either via powershell or EMC, i prefer to use powershell.

Get-SendConnector NAMEOFSENDCONNECTOR| fl identity, smarthosts, sourcetransportservers



SmartHosts : {[]}

SourceTransportServers : {BB0-MOB4-HUB01, BB0-MOB2-HUB01}

From above result we can see the existing smarthost IP that we want to change and the source transport servers which this connector applies to.

Now set the new IP:-

Set-SendConnector NAMEOFSENDCONNECTOR -SmartHosts “” -Confirm

<smarthosts> parameter
This parameter takes one or more FQDNs, such as, or one or more IP addresses, separated by commas. If you enter an IP address, you must enter the IP address as a literal as follows, for example: The smart host identity can be the FQDN of a smart host server, a mail exchange (MX) record, or an address (A) record. If you configure an FQDN as the smart host identity, the source server for the Send connector must be able to use DNS name resolution to locate the smart host server.  (

In EMC:-   Click on Hub Transport -> Send Connectors -> double click on your send connector -> Network -> under route mail through the following send connector, edit to add the new IP and remove the old one if needed. Ok to accept changes, check that the new IP is added.


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